Exploration of Place – Digital

The digital place I chose to explore is the famous social media site of Instagram. I chose this because I have a personal connection to this site. I have had an Instagram since I was in high school. Instagram is a site where people from all over the world can share their pictures, messages, and […]

Exploration of Place – Physical

The physical place I chose to explore was my own backyard and patio. To some people, this place is just merely a backyard, but to me, I can see the environmental, sociocultural, and economic dimensions of this place. For the environmental dimensions, my backyard is pretty big, including a lot of grass, trees, plants, flowers, […]

My First Post

The image I chose to share is a picture of a flower with raindrops on it. I chose this picture because I feel like it represents me as I am trying to grow yet I am being rained on. There are some some hardships, some challenges in my way, but regardless, I am trying to […]

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