Resources of My Place

In Juniper Valley Park there are trees and bushes, that provide shade for humans, and housing for insects and animals. There are many acorns, pine cones, and berries to feed the animals. While there are beautiful flowers that bees and butterflies pollinate, the park is very green and could use more flowers. What it needs […]

History of Place-Juniper Valley Park

Juniper Valley Park played a part in the American Revolutionary War. During the Battle of Long Island, in 1776, JVP was a swamp that American soldiers would hide in while they were fighting for independence from the British. After the American Revolutionary War, Thomas Pullis used the swamp as farmland until the 1920’s. The swamp […]

Digital Place-Wordle

The digital place I chose was Wordle. Wordle is a word game in that you have six attempts to guess the five letter word of the day through process of elimination. I used the word “raise” for my first guess. When the letters are greyed out, that means none of these letter are in the […]

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