Resources of Place

Physical: Manhattanville College has countless resources that are accessible to all of its students to ensure that my place is safe, that its habitants are healthy, and so that they can live happily.  First, Manhattanville’s campus safety team helps to ensure that our campus is safe. When you first arrive on campus, students are asked […]

History of Place

PHYSICAL: Manhattanville College was first founded in 1841 in a three-story house on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It was originally a Catholic boarding school for girls and was called the Academy of the Sacred Heart.  In 1847, the Academy was relocated to an area just north of New York City because it outgrew the original […]

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Karen Bender and I just graduated from Manhattanville with my Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science. I am a working towards getting my Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education and (eventually) a certification in Computer Science Education. I am excited to get to know everyone in this class. I am interested […]

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