History of Community Gardens

While the concept of community gardening was regularly practiced in Native American culture, the first community garden of the United States was started in the early 1700’s near Winston-Salem, NC.  The community gardens we know today, however, came about from the 1893 economic recession.  Mayor Hazen Pingree (above) of Detroit initiated a program turning vacant […]

History of YouTube

YouTube first went online Valentine’s Day of 2005.  Chad Hurly, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim originally intended for their website to be a dating service.  However, it quickly failed.  After the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson half-time show (above), the creators realized that they couldn’t easily find any recordings online.  Having a website already set up with […]

Howdy Y’all

Hello to everyone I already know, and even more so to everyone I am only just now meeting. I chose this gif to represent how I’m feeling, not because I feel like a dangerously mysterious murderer, but because I feel formerly friendly and welcoming to get to spend this next month with you all.

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