What my places need/have

TikTok: TikTok is a versatile app that offers plenty of resources and features that promote the health and safety of its users. The app does a fair job of ensuring that their users’ privacy is protected. For example, they allow users to make their profile private so it can only be viewed by people that […]

History of Place-Juniper Valley Park

Juniper Valley Park played a part in the American Revolutionary War. During the Battle of Long Island, in 1776, JVP was a swamp that American soldiers would hide in while they were fighting for independence from the British. After the American Revolutionary War, Thomas Pullis used the swamp as farmland until the 1920’s. The swamp […]

History of Online Learning

Online learning has become a hot topic of conversation particularly after being thrown into it with full force due to a global pandemic. As the power of the internet grows, it makes sense that we should utilize its power to enhance learning experiences. The internet is the obvious driving force behind the idea. However, prior […]

Photo essay- Place Explorations

Below are images that I find best to decompress and focus on what is important at that given time. Usually I like to do homework in outdoor settings permitting weather conditions. If this is not possible I usually go to a coffee shop or the library. I find I complete my best work and I […]

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