Assignment #1 – Photo Essay: Physical & Digital Place

All of my favorite pickleball spots are within 30 mins of THE PLACE I think about the most

Physical Place – Ridgefield CT (The Place of HQ)

My Place – I grew up here and left at age 17 to join the Navy. I returned about 3 years ago.

I can walk to everything. This is where I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and hear the call to serve others as payback.

This is where I get my coffee everyday…FOR FREE because they know me
This is the Owner Seth, we both graduated from the Naval Academy
This is where I go to study or have a meeting
And just up Main Street is The Hot Dog Man…This guy brings me a dog while I’m waiting at the light!
Here’s Mom & Dad toasting to my pursuit of teaching & changing the world! They live about 1/4 of a mile away
They were married here 62 years ago and raised 9 kids in this town…one bathroom!!
This is my dream job, 1/2 mile away.
This is where I went to used to be a dump now its like a college campus..This could be a place I teach at someday.
This is where I want my final resting spot to be nearest…
This is where many of ancestors and family friends have come to spend their remaining eternity. My Place (Ridgefield) gives me strength when times are tough, and comfort when I find my self in a storm. Of all the places that I’ve been in my life, It’s the nicest.
My Virtual Place: This is a web site that Professor Heissan from the Math Dept. turned my onto. This site will make me a better teacher, and it will make my students WORK HARDER AND SMARTER…And it will help me deliver content and assessments in a much more manageable way than I have been doing thus far. CHECK IT OUT! Or ask me to send you a student link so you can test drive it and give me some feedback. I would consider it a favored owed. – This is where blended learning begins to take shape…THE BEST RESOURCE for teachers (old or new)

2 thoughts on “Assignment #1 – Photo Essay: Physical & Digital Place

  1. Hey Harry! I love the tour of your town. I could feel your connection to this physical space through your photos. Your energy is amazing. I recognize Professor Heissan from one of those photos!

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