The history of this place is very interesting. It is a park that I grew up in and cherish very much. I remember at a young age my parents would walk with me to the park since it is so close to our house. I would play on the playground or go fishing in the pond. There is also a baseball field that some kids use to play on as well. During the winter my parents would take me sledding down on of the hills as well.

The park was built and rebuilt several times due to damage from natural disasters. The rehabilitation of Thornwood’s James M. Carroll Park took a big step forward with the start of dredging of the park’s pond. Recently, the Town of Mount Pleasant installed a bypass system under the north parking lot to reduce the impacts of storm water flows and sediment going into the pond and provide direct access for the water within the Whittier Drive (my street) area of the Town to release into the culvert and stream to the north towards the Saw Mill River. The rehabilitation project involves dredging the pond of silt to its original depth, re-establishing the shoreline and creating a sustainable habitat for fish and other wildlife. The additional storage area of the pond will also aid to store more water during storm events.

This place has pretty much stayed the same over time. Other than updating and becoming more resilient to storms.

The role of this place in history is: to provide a nice and safe environment for there little ones or older ones, a place where parents could meet up with there kids and have play-dates and hang out and have there kids meet new friends. People can come to this spot to just appreciate nature and relax.

Many people in the surrounding neighborhood utilize this park because it is so accessible and in walking distance from homes and shops.

I have shaped this place by sharing my love for such a unique and fun place with others to visit with their loved ones. 

I have been shaped by this place and its history because it is where I grew up and would go to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

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  1. Gina. It’s great that you can connect to this place as early as your childhood. I am very glad that the value of this place is recognized which is shown in the effort of rebuild and rehabilitate after periods of disaster. Thank you for sharing this place.

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