The digital place I chose to explore was Tik Tok. This app allows its users to create their own profile with a photo identifying them and a short bio where they can share anything about themselves. Each user has the option to make their account either private or public. This means that they have the choice of allowing their account to be viewed by followers that they can accept or decline, or have their account be viewed by anyone. This app is interactive and is able to connect people with common interests. For example, Tik Tok has an algorithm where the app will show you videos based on previous ones that you “liked” on your “For you” page. Each user has the ability to like and comment on a video, and reply to another user’s comment. Tik Tok also has a feature where you can duet a video, which allows the user to create a video response to another user’s video. If an individual wants to search for a specific person or trend, they can use the search bar feature. There are plenty of trends and hashtags that can be searched or attached to a video that can connect you with other users who post videos with those trends or hashtags. Many trends are also organized by specific “sounds”, which are snippets of a song or even just someone saying a quote. Different users will often search for popular sounds and create a video using that sound. If you click the sound button at the bottom of a video that uses this feature, then it will lead you to a page that contains popular videos that used that sound. This app is available on almost any phone, and people of all ages and different area of the world utilize this app. A video can be as short as a few seconds or as long as ten minutes. Even though one of the most popular use for Tik Tok is for comedy videos, there are also plenty of users that post educational and informational videos. If there is a video that you really liked or that particularly interested you, then you can use the favorite or the share feature. The favorite feature allows the user to save a video which can then be viewed on their profile page. The share feature allows the user to send a Tik Tok to one of their followers.

The “For You” page is the first thing the user will see when they open the app. The videos on your For You page are based on previous videos that you viewed or liked. The top of the page also provides the option labeled “Following” where you can view videos that your followers recently posted. The bottom of your For You page provides the option to view videos that your friends posted, and to check your inbox for any likes, comments, or videos that were received.
Each user can post a video or duet with different effects, sounds, and filters. There is also an option to add text on top of a video or add a caption to the video.
The search bar option allows the user to search for top videos, users, sounds, and even live streams. This feature is a great way for new content to be explored and discovered.

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  1. Hey Ally! I also chose to explore TikTok as my digital space. I spend more time on this platform than I care to admit. I love how you use the space to explore cute dogs :). I’ve always found it interesting how everyone’s For You page is completely different from others based on what each user likes to watch.

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