Exploration of Place – Physical

The physical place I chose to explore was my own backyard and patio. To some people, this place is just merely a backyard, but to me, I can see the environmental, sociocultural, and economic dimensions of this place. For the environmental dimensions, my backyard is pretty big, including a lot of grass, trees, plants, flowers, and a patio with a tent and outside furniture.

For the sociocultural dimensions, my family sometimes has parties in this space on the patio with the outside furniture. I also like to sit there when I have friends over throughout the summer. Overall, it is a place with an opportunity for frequent social interactions.

For the economic dimensions, greenery comes into play. One of our family friends regularly comes to cut our grass. Another family friend comes to plant flowers and other plants. This serves as an economic benefit for them.

One of the main reasons I chose to explore this place is because, personally, I find peace here. Although I do enjoy this space with my family and friends, I also like to come and sit in this place alone. I see this place as a calm, serene, and relaxing abode. I come here to clear my head, gather my thoughts, or even just to hear the brisk sounds of nature such as the birds chirping. I see this place as an escape from the chaotic world.

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