Health and Safety of Community Gardens

Community gardens are plentiful in resources that promote the health and safety of its people. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables to feed individuals, like those shown below, so long as the garden is taken care of.


There are a few features missing from the garden that I believe would increase he health and safety of the visitors and gardeners. First is a first aid kit. Accidents happen. If a gardener cuts themselves while working, or if someone gets stung by a wasp, having a first aid kit handy would be incredibly beneficial. As of now, though, there is nothing to handle any type of accident or emergency. I also think that the garden needs some sort of shelter. Bad weather can move in quickly, and it wouldn’t be great to be caught out there during a storm with no shelter. There is the chapel and classroom right there, but those aren’t open 24/7, so they aren’t acceptable to count as safety shelters.

3 thoughts on “Health and Safety of Community Gardens

  1. Good point regarding safety shelters. I think that is a major thing to consider especially in our ideal communities. We tend to think of these ideal neighborhoods and communities on a beautiful spring day when you can go to the park or go walk by the beach. However, places by the water can present storm threats, or places in cities present traffic dangers, etc… Something can go wrong anywhere and we need to be prepared for anything that could endanger community members.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I really liked how you focused on the needs of the community garden in terms of being prepared. Having a safety plan is a great way to ensure the safety of its inhabitants by preparing for the worst.

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