The entrance to the Croton Gorge Park

This image showcases the entrance to Croton Gorge Park. The Croton Gorge Park is located in Cortlandt, New York which has the New Croton Dam on site. This park is about 25 minutes from my house and has become one of my favorite places to visit.

Part of the park which leads to hiking trails.

This is part of the Croton Gorge Park which has plenty of open space to sit down for a picnic, read a book, do homework, and/or hang out with friends and family. If you look behind the tree at the path, that is where some of the hiking trails start. I have gone up them and they are beautiful to walk through as you can see the water right beside you. I have come here with friends and family and have just hung out on a sunny day. I see how clean the park is kept and how well other people who visit it take care of it.

Picnic tables next to the New Croton Dam.
The New Croton Dam.

These two pictures show the picnic area next to the New Croton Dam, and the New Croton Dam itself. I have been here multiple times to relax and do homework. The sound of the water from the Dam is very relaxing to me. There is so much to explore at this park and it would be a great opportunity for students to learn about Dams and public park areas. This park is a very meaningful place to me, I discovered it about five years ago when I started becoming interested in photography. My dad took me here in the fall and it was one of the very first places that I took pictures of nature. The different color leaves at the time were absolutely beautiful and even though it was a little chilly, I was in awe. I have seen this Dam during every season and I must say, the fall is my favorite. This is also the place where I got engaged! The beauty of the memories that surface from here as well as the amount of natural beauty it holds makes this a special place to me. Whenever I need to “escape” from reality I find myself driving here.

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  1. Hello Genesis,
    WOW! What amazing pictures!
    It is so funny that I chose your post to read. Just today my neighbor was telling me about the Croton dam and that is is so beautiful! What a coincidence!

    When you look at the pictures you’ve taken, do they invoke the same feelings as when you are physically there?

    Thanks for shareing,

    1. Hi Juliette!
      It is beautiful! You can even walk on top and see the sunset– I highly recommend visiting!
      The pictures do invoke similar feelings as when I am physically there but nothing beats being there in person.

  2. Great photos, Genesis! I have been here a few times and it is definitely one of my favorite places to visit as well! It is so nice that it is so close to your home. Seems like such a great place to go and “escape” the world.

    Do you feel the same every time you visit there? Or do you feel more or less feelings towards it?

  3. The croton dam is an example of great attention to detail in a structure and incorporation of the surrounding environment. A person could stand by the water and find a new feature to fixate on each time they looked at the dam. Truly a great physical place to be.

  4. Genesis. These are beautiful pictures. I think that they remind us of the beauty and power of nature, as well as the skills, knowledge, and talent of humankind. This was the perfect place for an engagement.

  5. Genesis, Your place looks idyllic and tranquil! A great place to unwind and connect to a sense of gratitude. I will definitely put it on my places to explore this summer.

  6. Genesis,
    Such beautiful photos! They are absolutely amazing! You are very lucky to have easy access to a wonderful and tranquil place such as this, and I’m happy to read how this place is so important to you (especially with the memories you have made here)!

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