Physical Space Introduction

The physical space that I will be examining for this course is my house. My house is located in the heart of the town of where I live. My house was built especially for my family twenty years ago, as the old house that was on this property was knocked down and a construction company (along with my own family members) built this house from the bottom-up. The house is also located on top of a big hill, and on a busy street that the buses in this school district use to transport the students of the school district on school days. The house has a small driveway in the front of the house (that I’m standing in to take the picture shown here) and a small patio at the back of the house. In addition to the driveway in the front of the house, there is a small garden that my Mom generally maintains. The red car in front of the house is my car (a 2020 Kia Sportage), which I use on a daily basis to drive myself wherever I need to go.
The house in general consists of three floors: a basement, the main floor (which includes the kitchen and living room with a guest bathroom), and the upper floor (which consists of a master bathroom and bedroom, my own bedroom, and a side room) with an attic above it.
This is the kitchen of the house that is connected to my living and dining room (all of the rooms are connected in this house as there are no walls that separate the rooms on the main floor). As shown in the image, there is a sink, stove, oven, and refrigerator. There are some accessory appliances also shown in the room, including a blender, a deep fryer, a coffee maker, and an air fryer. I generally use this space in order to make myself food when I need to and I use this space to sit in for classes whenever they are hosted online. I do these classes on the table shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the image (where my iPad is located), with the computer facing the dining room behind me, so the kitchen is generally not seen on my camera. Something that is not shown in this picture would be a doorway that would lead to the patio at the back of the house.
This image indicates the living room of my house, with the dining room and kitchen behind where the image was shot from. In this general vicinity, there is the main area of the room, with a television surrounded by couches and various chairs spread throughout the room. Out of the frame to the right of this image is an electric fireplace that is used every so often to warm up the room. The door located to the left would lead to the front of the house, which would go to the driveway which was the location of the first picture that was taken.
Where I generally would be in this room is playing the piano that is shown in front of the main area of the room. The piano is an 88-key piano with the three pedals that would be found on an actual piano. This electric piano was purchased so I would be able to learn pieces for my private piano lessons that I took during my undergraduate years. Something that is out of frame but to the left of the room is an acoustic piano that we got from a friend; however, when first testing the piano (and having the piano examined by a professional), the piano was found to be unplayable since it was extremely out of tune from being poorly taken care of from the previous owner since it was in a humid environment. Another special thing that is found in this picture is the golden turtle that is on the dresser to the left. This turtle was a graduation gift from my high school music teacher, as this was an inside joke between the two of us for when she (unprompted) started talking about the parts of a turtle shell on the first day of my music theory class.
This image represents my (sort of unkept) bedroom, with some items in the frame including a television, a closet, and my bed. The bedroom is the same layout since when we first moved into the house, as there is generally little to no space in the room to be able to effectively move the furniture around the room. The closet has a slightly broken door, as the door has been warped so it does not effectively close, so the mini dresser placed in front of the door has the purpose of not keeping the door open so my cats don’t go into my closet. This room is generally where I tend to stay during my free time, as this is a safe space for me to unwind and recollect myself, especially when I get stressed out. When I show many people my room, one compliment I always get about it is my ceiling, which is hand painted by my mom. The ceiling is basically the sky, with realistic clouds painted on it and some glow-in-the-dark stars also “glued” to the ceiling. The ceiling itself is nice as sometimes looking at it allows me to forget about my worries and just drift into a calm and inviting place of my imagination (this was especially effective when I was younger).

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