Digital Space (Discovery Plus):

While Discovery Plus does not provide the necessary means for survival purposes, Discovery Plus provides the means of keeping people entertained and occupied whenever they are bored. In more detail, the shows on this app provide individuals with many different options of shows that people can watch to be entertained and be able to pass the time. While the Discovery Plus app is aimed more towards adults, there are multiple shows that are beneficial for children that can watch; more specifically, education genre shows. Specifically, some of the shows that are shown for children to watch include nature documentaries, shows that focus on engineering, and shows that involve history documentaries. As a result, not only is this app used for entertainment purposes but the app can also be used for educational means. As shown in the first image above, it demonstrates that educational series are available for viewers to watch.
However, one major problem that this app has that needs to be adjusted is the aspect of child-proofing certain screens. For instance, when the app is first opened, the app shows off the variety of shows that the network offers; however, some of the thumbnails for the shows that they offer to contain certain images that are not tasteful to the eye. This situation is remedied by the algorithm that is built into the app; which is through watching the shows given on the app and having it recommend shows similar to the shows you have seen or searching for shows using the search bar a certain amount of times to get a sense of the type of shows that the viewer likes to watch. This is shown in the two images above, with the viewer being able to search for shows to watch and being able to create a list of shows the viewer enjoys watching in the “my list” section of the app. Unfortunately, without taking time to do this (and this is not even guaranteed to work all the time), it is more likely that children may be exposed to certain images when engaging with the app. As a result, something that this app could use as a feature is a “family mode” option, meaning that there could be a mode that could be turned on when certain viewers are navigating through the app.

Physical Space (My House):

To begin with discussing the resources for my house, I would like to start by pointing out the basics that this house has in order for us as humans to survive. A house provides multiple different resources, such as a roof over our head, heat and air conditioning to combat the sources of hot and cold from the natural weather, and a place to eat food and drink water for the basics of survival. In this situation, the house provides multiple rooms that are necessary to have for these survival tactics to happen. First, my house has a kitchen, as it provides the space for being able to store and prepare food for us to eat. Secondly, I have a bedroom that can be used for me to sleep and relax in. Third, a bathroom is there so people are able to do their business in the home and have the waste disposed of in a safe manner.
The remainder of what I will discuss in resources will be what I call the extra materials of the house, which are stuff that is not necessary for survival but are useful things that are used in the house for specific purposes. First, a dining room is in the house for us to eat the food that we make in the kitchen. Secondly, the living room incorporates stuff that is used for entertainment purposes, whether it be a television to watch shows or games, and a piano for me to play music on. Third, the house contains an attic and a basement, which is used for extra space for items that cannot be displayed in the home and to not create clutter. Fourth, there is also a driveway in the front of the house that is used for us to park our cars so that we do not need to leave our cars on the road.
The video above shows the connection between the wants and needs the household provides, as it shows the connection between the kitchen, dining room, and living room of the house. It shows the multiple uses that a house provides the people living within it, such as a place to cook and eat food, a place for entertainment, and the space to visually place decor.
However, even though this house does its job to provide the necessary means of survival for its inhabitants as well as providing other means of entertainment and creating a comfortable vibe, there is one thing that could be improved with this house in regards to being comfortable outside the house. Specifically, there is no space outside the house due to the fact that the driveway takes over the entire front side of the house and the back of the house rests on a gigantic rock that resembles a hill, so a deck was created in the back of the house that hangs over the rock to leave some outdoor space. Unfortunately, there is no extra space outside that could be manipulated so that there can be extra room on the outside space to make it a more comfortable place. However, the outside space that we have that could be used to sit on is the wall that surrounds the house on the hill. As shown in the two images above, the driveway is very limited in free space to relax in it and the deck in the back is hanging over a rock that is covered with plants.

2 thoughts on “Resources for My Places

  1. Craig,
    I was curious to see what you wrote as the resources your house has since my physical place is kind of similar as being my backyard and patio. I agree with you that your house have everything you and your family need to survive. We sometimes take for granted all of the blessings like having a roof over our heads, having a bedroom to sleep in, and cars to drive and transport us to different places.

  2. Craig. I agree that your home should be the most inviting and safe place. That’s why we all work so hard far. I think our homes can be a reflection of who we are and what we value. I say “can be” because those in poverty don’t have that option.

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