Those who choose to live in Wassaic tend to enjoy a simple life of nature and tranquility. The natural environment offers everything the residents need. The town is far from major population centers and so residents are blessed with clean air and a lack of noise as well as light pollution. Water is obtained from nearby aquifers which are also free from the pollution which mars urban life. Much of the food residents receive (particularly that sold by the town’s only eatery) come from farms which dot the landscape in surrounding Dutchess County. The town’s general store for example sells delicious cheese made from the milk of cows residing in the aforementioned farms. Locals may also drive south about 30 minutes to reach a supermarket in the town of Pawling to obtain more varied groceries. Agriculture is a major part of the region’s economy.
The town is fortunately situated by rail tracks and roads which connect to major population centers. The town has a train station which provides transport to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Thus, it is possible for Wassaic residents to make the (long) daily commute to New York City. Residents of Wassaic may therefore be able to either work in local industries or New York City to make a living. The town is located on New York Route 22, which stretches from the Bronx to the Canadian border. Furthermore, U.S. Route 44 provides a trunk route for one to travel east to Hartford, Connecticut as well as west to Poughkeepsie.

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  1. Henry. It is nice to know that there are places so nearby that haven’t been tainted by the urban hustle and bustle but are situated so the residents can still enjoy the economic and social benefits of the city when preferred.

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