In Juniper Valley Park there are trees and bushes, that provide shade for humans, and housing for insects and animals. There are many acorns, pine cones, and berries to feed the animals. While there are beautiful flowers that bees and butterflies pollinate, the park is very green and could use more flowers.

What it needs is a natural water source. Being that JVP is an urban park it does not have a natural water resource. Instead there are sprinklers that the kids can enjoy but that is only during the summer months. It could also use a community garden. A place where the community can come together and grow vegetables. Lastly, what I would love to see in JVP is a butterfly garden. A place designated to plant only flowers that support and promote butterflies. Both the community garden and the butterfly garden could be used by the local schools for educational school trips.

Juniper Valley Park

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  1. A community garden sounds like a great idea that could definitely be successful if it was brought to the attention of the Department of Parks and Recreation by enough people. Planting different flowers would be a another way to make the park even more aesthetic and bring some native plant species to the park.

  2. Hi Juliette,
    Juniper Valley Park looks like such a nice place! I would love to visit it. Sounds like a nice place to go for a casual stroll.
    The vegetable garden and butterfly gardens sound like they would be great additions to this park to make it an even nicer experience! I wonder if you could sign a petition to make this happen…

  3. I agree with the idea of the garden. We must bring the heathy factor back into our food. Butterflies and flowers are always so beautiful and may help make someone smile who stops to think about the wonders of nature.

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