My backyard and patio have some resources for its inhabitants’ safe and healthy lives. My backyard has a lot of grass and open space for people to sit on and relax there. My patio has outside furniture including sofa chairs and tables. This allows people to sit, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. This area of the patio with the outside furniture also has a big tent over it. This is beneficial because it blocks some sun which could potentially be harmful to its inhabitants. In addition, there are also Ring cameras in this area which help to keep everyone safe.

My backyard and patio need a few things. We used to have a swing set in the backyard on the grass, and I think we could put a bench swing there that is suitable for adults. For the patio, I think we need those lamps that catch bugs or prevent the bugs from coming into our area. Also, the patio needs a firepit/bonfire area that can be used at night to relax, enjoy, and make some smores.


Instagram was the digital place I chose. In terms of resources for its inhabitants’ safe and healthy lives, Instagram has a bunch of safety and security features. For example, people have the option of having their account be public or private. One can also mute, restrict, or block accounts. This leads to the safety of its inhabitants because people can literally stop seeing certain content from certain people. In security features, Instagram has an account password and tracks login activity if it seems suspicious they send you an email. They also have two-factor authentication.

I think Instagram needs to stop showing ads and suggested posts on the homepage, and rather show all your friends’ pictures and videos. Instagram used to do this in the past, but for some reason, the algorithm changed. Instagram needs to bring this back.

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  1. I had no idea that Instagram can track log-in activity and notify you of that activity. This is definitely a useful feature to prevent anyone’s account from getting hacked. I’ve heard that citronella candles do a decent job of repelling mosquitos by using essential oils.

    1. Yes, actually that happened to me one time when I got an email that someone was trying to log in to my account so I was prompted to change my password. This feature helped to keep my account safe.
      Thanks for the advice, I will look into those citronella candles!

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