Digital Space Introduction

    During the pandemic I was forced to learn how to effectively tutor students online. My favorite website to use is Khan Academy, which gives students video lessons and problems whose answers the websites check and explain. The site is extremely versatile for a math teacher, as it divides topics by grades and focuses on Common Core and Advanced Placement standards. It is also visually pleasing and engaging, the only ways to reel in the attention of students during arduous virtual learning. In this photo essay, I will illustrate how Khan Academy presents a unit on the Pythagorean identity in trigonometry. 
The unit starts with a video explaining the proof of the identity using the unit circle and the Pythagorean theorem. The video contains illustrations with different colors as well as algebra so various types of learners can be engaged.
The next video contains an example of a problem in which one must use the Pythagorean identity to find the cosine of an angle in the second quadrant given the angle’s sine value. This type of problem is common on the Algebra II/Trigonometry regents.
The site gives the user practice problems such as the one above, which is similar to the problem in the video. One can ask for hints if stuck.
Got the problem wrong? No worries, the site will help point you in the correct direction.
The site gives positive affirmation for right answers, usually containing bright images of items such as stars and confetti.

5 thoughts on “Digital Space Introduction

  1. Khan academy is an effective tool and it is user friendly as well. I used Khan academy in high school as a studying aid, but I can definitely see how it would be a useful teaching tool for virtual tutoring. The video explanations and strategy features are great since a lot of online educational platforms only provide answers to a problem instead of explaining the content or problem solving steps.

  2. Hi Henry, great post! Khan Academy is definitely such an amazing and helpful website! When I was studying premed, I often went to this website for resources as well and when I needed more explanations of content or problems.
    Have you ever considered making your own videos demonstrating math problems for your students?

  3. Henry. I love this platform too. I used it to sub for a math class that I had no clue about. With the help of this site, I was able to teach the kids and learn something new myself. As a Social Studies, I occasionally use it to fill in the areas we don’t get to finish covering in class. I am very thankful for the creators of this site.

  4. Henry,

    I liked your digital place essay and consider Khan Academy a place worth going more frequently. I also appreciated the way you demonstrated using it to prove a concept, and that it helps hold the attention span of students. I need to spend more time at this place! Thanks

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