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PHET Simulation is a free educational website designed to engage students in STEM lessons.
Individuals who visit the site, can choose from 5 different fields. This allows for individuals to take ownership of their learning.
Within one area (physics, cause it’s awesome) multiple subcategories are present, allowing an individual to either broaden or narrow their focus.
Clearly defined previews are shown, allowing an individual to get an understanding of what they will learn before entering the simulation.
Descriptions are available for each simulation. These descriptions present the various topics the simulation incorporates as well as the expected learning objectives.

This digital space allows for fun, interactive learning, that allows individuals to observe and participate in different phenomenons they may not have access to otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Digital Space – PHET Simulation

  1. Trent. I believe that engage students with interactive technology programs are great. This especially essential when they are at a younger age. Sometimes students are so stuck on the cellular phones that it might be taken for granted that they are proficient in computer use and that is not necessarily the case. Once students are taught how to navigate the PC, laptop, important programs, as well as proper online etiquette I think a lot more will be accomplished. I think that your posts are a great idea and will enable students to work independently at school and at home.

  2. Trent,
    Thank you for sharing your digital space with us! I love how we are able to share useful technological websites that we could use in our own classrooms with one another. As someone who is still new in the field, I greatly appreciate any references I can get. As for this particular website, I’ve never heard of this one before, and I’d be interested in checking it out myself, as I’ve noticed in one of the images that a biology tab is available.

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