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The digital place I chose to explore is the famous social media site of Instagram. I chose this because I have a personal connection to this site. I have had an Instagram since I was in high school. Instagram is a site where people from all over the world can share their pictures, messages, and thoughts. Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service that was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Sometime later, it was acquired by Facebook. One cool feature about Instagram is that you can edit your pictures and videos with a multi-range of filters including geotags, hashtags, and of course, gifs.

This place has many environmental, sociocultural, and economic dimensions. For environmental, it is interesting because this social media site can be accessed and used by any individual across the entire world. The site can also be used in all environmental spaces where wifi or cellular data is available. In other talks, the environment on Instagram can be healthy or unhealthy. If a person is just using the site to compare themselves to others, becoming sad or jealous, this can be an unhealthy environment. However, if a person is using Instagram to keep a connection with their loved ones, keep up with their happiness, post about their own happiness, and look at beneficial content, such as inspirational quotes, then this could be a healthy environment.

For the sociocultural dimensions, are endless. Instagram can be thought of as its own society. It is a network of many different people coming together and sharing their lives. There are so many different cultures coming together on one platform. Everyone is sharing their own special and unique cultures. Instagram becomes a melting pot with all these sociocultural dimensions coming together.

For the economic dimensions, there are multiple ways that this happens on Instagram. A lot of people are influencers who make money from posting and sharing content. They also promote many different products which further economically benefit other individuals and companies. Another economic dimension is when people share their voices and opinions about economic issues. Instagram is a hub for people raising awareness about issues and having their voices heard and spreading activism.

Overall, Instagram is a great way for people to interact and explore the world through social connections.

4 thoughts on “Exploration of Place – Digital

  1. Ayesha. I completely agree with the communication value of Instagram if it is used responsibly. I also respect the sociocultural and economic aspects of it as well. I think this is also a great way to store pictures without running out of space and having to pay extra. Unlike google drive, you don’t have to create new accounts because of space issues.

  2. Hello Ayesha,
    Because of social media, the way we define “social” has changed. Do you feel these social media sites affect people to the point that they find it harder to be “social” face to face?
    Just curious of your thoughts.

    1. Hi Juliette,
      I don’t think that social media necessarily make it harder to be social face to face. I think in some ways maybe it could help people build their confidence so that when they are face to face it is easier to communicate and connect.

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