Exploration of Place-Juniper Valley Park

The place I chose to explore is Juniper Valley Park in Queens, NY.

The park is still and quiet yet full of soft sound and active. What this means is that in the parks own right it was quiet and still. But, the activity around it was active soft.

The birds were chirping and looking for breakfast. You could hear the sound of the parks department vehicle or bus driving by. The distant sounds of the Asian women working out, dogs barking, people playing basketball or tennis.

There were many people but yet you can find your own quiet space.

What is special about this park is that it is well cared for. It is located in a middle class neighborhood with hard working people. The community cares about this park and it is a pivotal part of the neighborhood. You can tell this by the lack of garbage or graffiti that plague so many parks.

Looking down at the street from JVP.
Looking on as the parks department vehicle drives by.
This bocce court is usually filled with older Italian men later in the day.
What is funny about this shed is that it is located by the bocce courts but the owner of the shed is not the parks department. It is the little old Italian men that have additional chairs and tables stored in this shed. Later on there is usually a lot of card playing going on. Why this is important is because if you positively engage in a community, the community might extend you special privileges.
The little Asian ladies getting ready for their workout. The are very welcoming if I wanted to join.
While this area around the bocce courts was recently renovated, there are still older versions of tables and benches around.

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