Photo essay- Place Explorations

Below are images that I find best to decompress and focus on what is important at that given time. Usually I like to do homework in outdoor settings permitting weather conditions. If this is not possible I usually go to a coffee shop or the library. I find I complete my best work and I am happiest when I complete homework outside and I am able to appreciate the beautiful nature around me.

The beach images are great for getting some reading done for a class. I think that the sound of the waves in the background and the cool breeze makes for the ideal setting to get through some reading homework and it kills two birds with one stone. I am outside enjoying my favorite spot in the world while getting some sun and fresh air. I am able to stay focused with no distractions. A beach is a dynamic environment located where land, sea, and air meetBeach usage rates differ considerably by age, class, immigrant status, ethnicity, leisure activity choice as well.

The image with the big tree in the center is the view I have when I walk outside the front door of my house upstate facing the barn. Doing homework sitting by that tree during the fall while taking in fresh air and a crisp breeze is a really great way to get work done. There is really no distractions at this location because my upstate house is in the middle of no where. All you have around you is nature and fresh air. This location is a dynamic environment located where ponds, lakes, trees, and air meet. Usage rates differ considerably by age, class, immigrant status, ethnicity, and preference for living in this given area.

The last images are where I like to do homework outside at home. Sometimes I get antsy doing homework at my desk cooped up in my room. Being able to go outside when the weather is nice really helps me get things done.

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