Photographic Essay on Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park is full of green grass, huge, beautiful trees, the great big, blue open sky and tributes to those who have served our country well.

Some people may drive through, on their way home from a busy day at work, just to view the beauty of nature. Others may be taking a short cut to the next busy street. In any case, caution is always necessary because children, parents, elderly individuals, disabled individuals, pets, little squirrels, ducks and many others come here to relax, meditate, exercise, picnic and many other activities.

Individuals can practice their golfing here and get ready for competition on the full golf course that is also on site.

Birds feel comfortable enough to take a walk through the grass and then fly off to inviting branches on the huge trees.
The small animals sit in the grass, walk on the pavement, climb the trees and coexist with the people.
People come to this place to take a bicycle ride or jog perhaps to stay in shape or have some alone time to think or just relax. Others might come to enjoy reading a book while feeling the sun on their face and arms or to just be with a loved one who wants to just take a nap outside in the beautiful spring weather. Parents and kids may come to take a stroll or enjoy some good picnic food or fire up a delicious BBQ meal.
This place is a fun, safe, accommodating, caring and respectful space for children, the elderly, the disabled, and veterans.
Perhaps the economic status of many of the individuals that frequent the park can be speculated from the frequency of big trucks, SUVs, BMWs, Mercedes, and the Hyundis, and Mazdas that were in the parking lot.
When visiting this place people should be aware that local official strive to provide new activities such as marathons, fairs, and concerts, therefore showing appreciation by not littering, following speed limits, and safely enjoying this place with all the measures that have been taken to provide for their enjoyment and security is expected. That way after a active day at Eisenhower Park individuals can return home and not have to turn left and go to the local hospital.

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  1. Brendalon,
    These are some nice pictures of your physical place locations! I love the pictures of the animals that you’ve included in the pictures. I appreciated the note that you’ve included that people of all backgrounds, regardless of wealth status are able to enjoy the space. I also appreciate your reflection on how the community can come together in order to improve the space, as it takes a group of people to work together to make a difference! This shows how important it is for people to not only think of the positives that are already presented to them, but to always look for how a certain idea can be improved.

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