Physical Space – Muscota Marsh

The entrance to a public space located in NYC. Hours and rules are clearly posted to inform members of the public what isn’t acceptable in this space.
A gradual incline leading down to the rest of the space. This design to the entrance takes into account individuals of varying mobility.
Numerous tables in the shade allow for work to be done or for individuals to have their lunch outside.
Families with strollers can access the space from different locations.
Benches are available to accommodate a family of three or a single individual.
Resources have been allocated to this space to assist in restoration projects.
Location of the space allows for individuals to sit and either read or record events on the river.
While much of the space is open, some of the space is closed off for designated purposes.

This space provides access to the public for whatever an individual may need with the outdoor space. Boundaries for what is acceptable are posted by the entrance but individuals are free to use the space as needed.

1 thought on “Physical Space – Muscota Marsh

  1. Trent. This area seems very peaceful. I like the idea that some accommodations were made for people with limited mobility. However, I’m curious as to whether the incline on the bridge and at the entrance are safe enough. I see that solar energy is used for the emergency call box and that some areas are fenced in to keep individuals from falling into the water. I do worry about small children running free next to the bushes and too close to the river, or someone being unexpectantly pushed in the water. Lastly, I think this place provides a great view for the people living in the high-rise apartments.

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