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TikTok is a versatile app that offers plenty of resources and features that promote the health and safety of its users. The app does a fair job of ensuring that their users’ privacy is protected. For example, they allow users to make their profile private so it can only be viewed by people that they allow to follow them. TikTok also allows users to block other users that they do not want to be in contact with or to see their profile. There are also strict guidelines that each user must follow, such as being 18 years or older to post content or refraining from bullying or harassment. Anyone can select the “Report” option for a video or even a profile if they post content that violates TikTok’s guidelines. Another safety feature is that users can delete any comment made on their video that they do not wish to see for any reason. TikTok has plenty of creators that provide valuable information such as useful products to buy, how-to videos, and important world news.

These are the guideline violation options that a user can choose from when providing a reason for reporting a video.

Some areas where TikTok could improve would be restricting sensitive content and ensuring that guidelines are being followed. Even though the app is able to restrict creators that are too young and delete accounts or content that is deemed inappropriate, there are definitely still some violations that escapes being deleted by TikTok. Although TikTok has a feature that presents a warning before a video that might be considered as sensitive content, many of these videos end up violating TikTok’s guidelines by either showing dangerous acts, spreading false information, or breaking other violations. This censorship should be considered since a large portion of users on this app are young teens and even kids.

This image is shown before any video that is deemed to have sensitive content, where the user can choose to skip the video if they would like.

Clark Gardens:

Clark Gardens also has a variety of resources that promote the health and safety of people that visit the garden. The garden is in an enclosed area surrounded by a fence that is locked at night to protect the garden as well as a parking lot that entrance that is locked at night. Although there are a lot of areas completely covered by bushes, trees, and flowers, there are also flat paths that are safe for walking. The garden has plenty of volunteers that take care of the plants and surrounding areas. There are places to sit and a small, indoor gift shop where visitors can purchase water if needed. The garden also promotes a sense of community by hosting a variety of events at different holidays, and by hosting concerts during the summer for community members to attend. Another great feature that is offered by the garden is school field trips. Many classes from schools in the neighborhood visit the garden to learn more about biodiversity and the importance of protecting the environment. Even though this is a safe place, it could be improved by having more volunteers present at the garden during the day to direct people and provide any necessary information or even by adding security at the entrance.

This is the only entrance and exit to the garden, which has a gate that is closed at night.
These are some of the paths that allow for people to walk around the plants.

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  1. Tiktok has many similar features to keep individuals safe as to my digital place of Instagram. Both of these social media sites do a good job of having a lot of opportunities such as reporting harmful content. Can a user block another user on tiktok as well like you can on Instagram?

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