Welcome to EDU 5569: Critical Pedagogy of Place

What are we up to?

Here is what the course syllabus says we are up to:

In this course for educators of all disciplines, sustainability is developed as a compelling context for motivating and designing curriculum and instruction. You will learn how to use critical, place based, and problem-based pedagogical strategies to engage students in deep learning. You will be able to contextualize learning within the disciplines of mathematics, science, social studies, language arts and the arts. This will enable you to create learning environments where young people have greater access to and understanding of multidisciplinary ideas. In this way, they will broaden their capacity to contribute to a socially and ecologically just future.

EDU 5569 Course Syllabus, Summer 2022

A Place to Learn

And since we are learning about the role/impact that place(s) can have in learning, it only made sense that we had a place of our own in which/through which to learn. Thus, this course site. Here is where we will capture the artifacts of the course:

What do I do First?

Create your first post by introducing yourself to us. Please tell us:

  • Who you are?
  • What teaching program you are a part of?
  • What you are hoping to get out of this course?
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